ANAREA Battle Royale is the first project of AXC Games indie studio. ANAREA is a fast-paced Third Person Shooter Battle Royale arcady game aiming to be dynamic and competitive.

The game will be composed of a training mode and several game modes, such as solo, duos and squads. Players will randomly spawn on a immersive-design map that is smaller compared to other Battle Royale games.

Skilled and aggressive gameplay, no bloom or too long loot phases.

No doubt that it’ll be necessary to show accuracy and combat mechanics to reach the royal victory.


ANAREA is an arcady game composed of skilled, dynamic and competitive gameplay mechanics. The quick and smooth movements and physically accurate shooting mechanics (recoil, reset time, travel time, bullet drop, drag... unique for each weapon) contribute to making ANAREA a challenging and hard to master game, pushing the players to always improve. Strategic decisions related to combat passives and consumables system must be done during momentum while the gas shrinks, which enhances the core mechanics, increases possibilities and makes each game different. The game is aiming to evolve progressively, always trying to take into account the feedback of the community, thanks to dedicated forums and social medias


Gunplays take place in a sunny and uninhabited island that will elvove over time and where 60 players fight until victory. Nera Island has an artistic direction, characters, 3D models, sounds, lighting system and atmosphere exhibiting an abandoned, realistic environment. The island has been designed and shaped to be immersive with a well detailed and consistent landscape. Anywhere a player can go, they'll be able to find any size Points Of Interest, such as: survival camps, scattered houses, roadblocks, etc...

Combat Passives

Combat Passives are items you can activate to gain special skills and that you can randomly loot inside crates, scattered all around the map. There are two ways of activating them, which corresponds to two types of gameplay: offensive and defensive, each of them being composed of 4 different combat passives. Offensive passives can be activated after killing someone and defensive ones when being full shield. Each combat passive from one side has a counter on the other side.

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